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Location Advantages

Location Advantages

India – The World’s Pharma Capital

As one of the biggest suppliers of low-cost vaccines (over 50%) as part of pharmaceutical produce (one-third) in the world, India is undoubtedly deemed the pharma capital of the world. Furthermore, it contributes the second largest share of the pharmaceutical and biotech workforce on a global scale. When the pandemic hit i.e. in 2020, India stepped up and was able to provide the required number of vaccines to various countries to combat it in record time. This was courtesy – Serum Institute of India located in Pune, Maharashtra.
Low prices and premium quality of medicines and related products manufactured in India make them a preferred choice worldwide. Moreover, the country houses various medical, science, education and research institutes. With a high population and a large chunk of it leaning towards medicine, science and research leveraging the latest technologies, India has clearly made its mark as the go-to destination for developing the ideal Life Sciences infrastructure.

Why Maharashtra?

Maharashtra is a prime hub for housing diverse industries and is known to augment output. Besides comprising world-class infrastructure and connectivity, it offers the following benefits:

  • Robust Research and Development (R&D)
  • Skilled Human Capital
  • A smart, modern and ethical work culture forming its nucleus

Due to all of the above, Maharashtra is deemed a lucrative destination for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) along with carrying out residential and commercial activities.

Why Pune?

The park is located in Pune – the country’s attractive education hub known for its holistic ecosystem, connectivity, manpower and favourable climate. Furthermore, it constitutes prestigious science, medical and research institutes like National Chemical Laboratory, National Institute of Virology, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Agharkar Research Institute, University of Pune, and NARI among others.

This eternally evolving city is also home to the Life Sciences industry, with renowned pharma names including Emcure Pharmaceuticals, Serum Institute, Hindustan Antibiotics, Lupin and others. With close proximity to the maximum city of Mumbai, skilled manpower, prime infrastructure and an array of research institutes, it provides a holistic ecosystem for boosting knowledge-based industries.