Understanding Colour Categorization in Biotechnology Parks: An MPCB Perspective

 Compliance Measures in Biotech Parks for Research Operations

In the dynamic landscape of biotechnology, the amenities of the biotech building and surrounding areas play a crucial role. The range of amenities cater to the needs of scientists, and researchers. Furthermore, a biotech park equipped with all the essential amenities supports scientific advancements by fully catering to the requirements of startups and biotech enterprises.


This article will discuss some of the essential amenities which are needed in a biotech building and the areas surrounding it. 


  • Laboratory Facilities 

Biotech parks are the hub of research and development. For any research to be a success, biotech parks must be equipped with functional labs and/or lab spaces. These specialised lab facilities cater to the diverse demands of scientists and researchers and furnish them with the necessary tools to push the boundaries of innovation. Additionally, proper infrastructure for fume hood, Island tables, washing area, and connectivity to gas banks is a must and should be available in a biotech building due to its growing significance in biotech research and innovations.


  • Water Availability

An adequate amount of water availability is paramount in a biotech building to perform various lab experiments and sanitation procedures. Water is also required for various cooling systems and technical applications which are essential for research. Additionally, water is necessary for basic needs such as washing, drinking, and fire safety among others. Biotech parks should have the proper infrastructure to supply sufficient water for all uses. 


TCG IBP, a joint venture between TCG and MIDC, guarantees smooth operations concerning various provisions. MIDC plays a crucial role in ensuring an adequate water supply to TCG IBP, thereby enabling seamless research operations.


  • Fire-Fighting System

A robust fire-fighting system is essential for biotech research to thrive without any fear of unwanted hazard. Also, detection of fire hazards and prompt response could prevent catastrophic responses and minimise further damage. A biotech building should make sure to comply with regulations about fire safety. 


TCG IBP prioritises fire safety measures, by installing smoke detectors and sprinklers in all common areas. Additionally, we have underground and overhead water tanks with ample capacity to ensure a continuous water supply in case of a fire emergency. 


These measures significantly mitigate the risk of untoward fire incidents and minimise potential damages in the event of any unfortunate occurrence.


  • Presence Of HVAC System

HVAC refers to heating, ventilation and air-conditioning which is of great significance in a biotech building. Biotech buildings require robust HVAC systems to remove chemical fumes, odours, and airborne contaminants to protect occupants from hazardous gases. HVAC also minimises the risk of transmission of hazardous gases and chemical fumes to other parts of the building. 


At TCG IBP, we have a set of comprehensive HVAC equipment such as chillers, cooling towers, exhaust systems and air quality filtration systems, ensuring optimal ventilation and safety within our facilities. 


  • Electrical Connection

A reliable electrical connection is indispensable for various technological systems that are essential for biotech research and innovation. For an uninterrupted power supply, proper grounding, voltage regulations and power backup infrastructure should be available 24/7 in a biotech building. Simultaneously regular inspections of electrical infrastructure should be carried out. 


With an electrical substation adjacent to the park and 100% power backup at TCG-IBP, we ensure research operations are carried out without any obstacles.


Final Takeaway

Amenities provided in biotech buildings and the surrounding areas play a crucial role in shaping the work environment and ultimately fostering innovation and research. At TCG-IBP, we strive to create a vibrant workplace that drives scientific discovery, and this attribute of ours makes us the top choice for the biotech research space.