10 Reasons Why Pune Emerges as Your Next Destination for Biotech Research & Development

Biotechnology & Life Sciences Ecosystem in Pune, India: A Growing Hub of Innovation

In the world of biotechnology, location plays a crucial role. And when you’re contemplating the ideal place to set up, expand, or even begin your biotech journey, Pune stands out with an inviting allure. Here’s why Pune, with TCG-IBP, is positioning itself as the leading destination for biotech research and development. 

  • Strong Academic Base

Pune is home to some of India’s premier academic institutions, including the National Chemical Laboratory, the National Institute of Virology, the Indian Institute of Science Education & Research, and the University of Pune. These institutions produce a large pool of skilled and talented graduates who are ready to contribute to the biotech sector.

In addition to these institutions, Pune also has a number of private engineering and technology colleges that offer programs in biotechnology and other areas, creating a strong pipeline of skilled labour needed for research and development.

  • Favourable Government Policies

The Maharashtra government has taken several steps to promote the growth of the biotech sector in Pune, including setting up dedicated biotech parks and providing financial incentives to startups. The government has also set up the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC), which provides land and other infrastructure support to biotech companies.

In addition, the government has also established a number of policies and regulations to support the biotech industry, such as the Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India (BRAI) and the Department of Biotechnology (DBT). These policies and regulations have helped create a favourable environment for the growth of the biotech sector in Pune.

  • Thriving Startup Ecosystem 

Pune has an ever-growing startup ecosystem, with several biotech startups emerging in recent years. It is located in Maharashtra, which registered the highest number of startups in India in 2021. These startups are developing innovative new products and technologies that have the potential to revolutionise the biotech sector. 

  • Opportunity for Collaboration

Pune is home to several leading biotech companies, including Serum Institute of India, Emcure Pharmaceuticals, and Genova. The presence of these companies provides a strong foundation for the growth of the biotech sector in the city and offers businesses the advantage of collaboration and partnership.

  • Strategic Location

Pune is located in the heart of Maharashtra, India’s second-largest state. The city is well-connected by road, rail, and air to major cities across the country. This makes it easy for biotech companies in Pune to transport their products and services to markets across India and the world.

In addition, Pune is located just a few hours’ drive from Mumbai, the financial capital of India. This proximity gives biotech companies access to a large pool of funding and investment opportunities as well as skilled labour and raw materials, making it a strategic location for you to set up your biotech lab in. 

  • Robust Infrastructure

Pune has a robust infrastructure, including functional research facilities and laboratories like TCG-IBP. This makes it an ideal destination for biotech companies that need to conduct cutting-edge research and development.

In addition to its research facilities and laboratories, Pune also has a number of other infrastructure assets that are important for the biotech industry, such as good-quality roads, reliable power and water supply, and efficient waste management systems. 

Furthermore, Pune is also expanding its metro network. Soon, TCG-IBP will be conveniently connected with two new metro stations right nearby, enhancing the city’s accessibility to the biotech hub.

  • Affordable Cost of Living

Pune has a relatively affordable cost of living compared to other major cities in India. The residential area, especially near TCG-IBP, caters to people of all economic backgrounds. This makes it an attractive destination for biotech researchers to live here with their families. 

  • Easy Access to Capital

Pune has a well-developed financial ecosystem, with the presence of numerous venture capital firms and angel investors. This makes it easier for biotech startups in Pune to raise capital to fund their R&D activities.

In addition to venture capital and angel investors, there are also a number of government funding programs available to biotech companies in Pune. These funding programs can help biotech companies develop new products and technologies and bring them to market more quickly.

  • Modern Work Ethos

Pune has a strong culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. Here, people adapt quickly, which is ideal for biotech companies, who want to not only grow but also evolve and set benchmarks. 

  • Good Quality of Life

Pune offers a high quality of life with a pleasant climate, good schools, hospitals, and other amenities. This makes it an attractive place for biotech professionals to live and work. Pune is also a very cosmopolitan city, with people from all over the country and the world calling it home.


Pune is rapidly emerging as a major hub for biotechnology research and development (R&D). With its strong academic base, robust industrial infrastructure, favourable government policies, and high quality of life, Pune is the ideal destination for biotech companies to establish their R&D centres.

If you are a biotech company looking for a new location to establish your R&D centre, Pune is the perfect destination for you. With its many advantages, Pune can help you to achieve your business goals and objectives.